Music Lesson Resources

Below is a list of resources, linked and file attachments that may provide value to current or prospective vocal students.



  • 8Notes Free Sheet Music : This site has a limited, but decent selection of many free sheet music songs.
  • Art Song Database : This is a wonderful resource for vocalists to find translations and texts to history’s favorite art songs.
  • Choral Public Domain : A wealth of free scores for choirs and choral works.
  • Finale Notepad : This is a basic music writing program for the computer. Download this program to read music files I have created for you or your child.
  • Free Online Ear Training : Earbeater has a simple and effective method for practicing ear training for free online.
  • Free online metronome! : No excuse not to practice with a metronome now! Your very own online metronome is willing to serve, vex and annoy you into playing in time!
  • Learn Music Theory Online : Ricci Adams’ site is a fantastic resource for learning about Music Theory. The lessons are good and easily understandable. It may not help you compose like Mozart, but it’ll definitely help build your theory chops.
  • MET Inspiration Point Guest Artist Performance : James Westerfield and his former student Ambre Dromgoole singing “Duetto buffo due gatti” (duet of the two cats). 2010
  • Online Piano : This is a small online piano. It is useful for singers without a piano or for tuning instruments by ear.
  • Petrucci Project/IMSLP : This is a catalog of thousands of free PDFs of musical scores. Almost any pre-20th century classical music score can be found here.
  • Printable Manuscript Paper : Ever wanted to just jot down some music and compose a little? Have at it! Just print off some manuscript staff paper for free here.
  • The Ultimate Music Education Resource List : This site has hundreds of links to various types of music education sites and resources for band, voice and orchestra.