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Westerfield Academy of Music offers world class music education and is an established leader in Nashville, TN. Our students have won or been nominated for Grammy, Dove, CMA, and NATS awards, and collectively have received over $500,000 in music-related scholarships and awards for voice, violin, viola, and cello.  

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JW : Instructor, Performer, Touring Musician

James westerfield

Study Voice with a Master Instructor

James Westerfield’s intense voice studies and career began in 1999. Since then, he has become one of Nashville, TN’s top voice instructors for performing and touring musicians. He specializes in vocal diagnostics, healthy vocal technique, and talent development.

James is frequently retained for bringing singers back from career ending vocal damage. His expertise allows him to not only identify vocal damage, but treat the cause of the damage and facilitate a path to vocal recovery and health.  

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Kasey M
I have a degree in vocal performance and have been teaching private voice lessons for 20 years. I started working with James because I noticed some changes in my voice shortly after having a baby. My range wasn’t where is used to be, and I felt like my support muscles had weakened. I also sing frequently in an event band, so I’m not needing to use my upper register so much. After only a short time working with James, my range and support was back to where it used to be, and singing felt easier than it ever had before. James focuses on the physiology of the voice in his lessons. This is a topic that I felt wasn’t focused on so much when I was studying voice in college. I can pass this information on to my own students, and I feel as if I’m a better teacher because of it. Whether you are a beginner or professional, anybody can learn how to be a better singer with James’s instruction.
Nancy Nettles (Chicago Lyric Opera)
Mr. James Westerfield is tough as nails as a voice teacher, musician extraordinaire! He takes an aria slices and dices it to create the true art form of singing. He expects his students to practice with intensity as he brings that same tenaciousness to his teaching and I am glad he does not let the vocalist get away with anything! That might mean we will not get through the entire aria in one lesson, but the results are so worth it. Singing is a art form, but it is also a science. James is a true teacher well versed in both!
Dwight T
After years of instruction with many teachers, James is the best instructor I ever had. He is very, very good at what he does.
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Gabriel R
James is a true master of the art and craft of singing. He does not only have vast knowledge of vocal techniques, exercises and methods, but also truly understands how to bring out a singing voice that connects with the listener. Very detailed oriented and clearly explains how to get best results. Highly recommended!
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Dr. Larry Lafever
James has been a wonderful teacher. He has greatly helped me advance in my beginning cello skills by carefully observing, demonstrating as needed, then showing me the things I can do to improve. He does this in such a manner that instead of feeling discouraged, I am even more motivated to improve. I am learning cello as an adult simply for the fun of trying something new. My wife, who played flute on scholarship through college and some professionally has noticed, and commented, on the improvement. In summary, I highly recommend James for both adults and for kids. He just has a great knack for teaching.
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Madison S
James was great. He realized very quickly my daughter was nervous and took the time to help her calm down before continuing with the lesson.
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Alex G
Great instructor. James' teaching technique is very motivational and fun!
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Kathryn L
James was very patient with my daughter and found ways to motivate her to practice. He always commented on how she did and encouraged her when she was discouraged. He made the lessons fun, and I didn't have trouble getting her to go to the lessons, even when she hadn't practiced much.
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Malia K
James is a great instructor. He not only knows how to get the most out of my voice but also, as a vocologist, he educates me about the voice and how the voice works, ensuring that I keep my voice healthy.
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Tim D
James is a terrific instructor. He tailors his teaching method and style to the needs of the student. He is patient and can target trouble spots to help the student to excel.
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Taylor M
I have worked with vocal coaches from around the country and none measure up to the quality of teaching that Mr. Westerfield provides. He has taught me so much more than I realized possible with my voice. From technique to styles, better ways to breathe and performance methods, I feel that I am a much better musician and performer because of my studies with Mr. Westerfield.
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